Which Jazz Instrument Should I Play?

The quintessential jazz instrument, trumpets sound like no other. If you want to follow in the footsteps of many famous jazz musicians, such as Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie, this is your instrument. The trumpet may be the most difficult instrument to master on this list, however, and committing to the instrument means mastering the breathing exercises and lip exercises that help you produce the constant airflow you'll need to play this brass instrument. However, if you don't want to end up with swollen cheeks like Dizzy, you'll have to work hard to maintain good shape while playing.

The piano is also an iconic part of jazz music. Easy to learn but difficult to master, it is one of the first instruments that many people choose to learn. It's also one that you've probably encountered at some point in your life, and people may already know simple chords just by playing casually. Playing the piano jazz style requires an additional sense of rhythm, however, which you may not have learned in your second grade music class.

Jazz is known for showing the personality of its musicians. What will the right instrument help you express yourself?. The piano is a flexible instrument that seems to appear in many musical genres around the world. The flexibility of the instrument makes it an excellent choice for jazz.

The most common instruments used in early jazz music were trumpets, clarinets, trombones, piano, string bass or tuba, and banjo or guitar. The piano is a common element in many jazz songs. This versatile melodic instrument plays chord progressions and melodies. The piano is sometimes presented as a solo instrument or supports larger jazz bands and ensembles.

When played with other instruments, the piano usually provides the chord structure for jazz songs. Influential jazz pianists include names like Thelonius Monk, Art Tatum, Bill Evans and Chick Corea. Drums still hold the tempo in jazz, but they are instruments that make songs interesting in other ways, such as solo and improvisation. Jazz drummers like Max Roach, Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa helped break down barriers in the genre.

The electric guitar is typically heard in modern jazz, while the acoustic guitar is generally associated with the gypsy jazz genre of the mid-1930s. Like the piano, guitars can play chords and melodies, making it ideal for solos and accompaniment. These instruments are usually heard in jazz combos and ensembles or, often, alone. In the 1960s, the electric guitar became an important part of jazz fusion, which mixed jazz with rock and funk.

Charlie Christian, Django Reinhardt and Pat Metheny are some of the most influential guitarists in jazz. As time goes on, and as jazz music has become more modern and has moved over time, you will often find electric guitars playing in jazz bands as well. As with all different musical genres, jazz music tends to use a certain selection of instruments known for mixing that perfect jazz-style sound that has made the genre so popular and appreciated. The trombone adds a theatrical touch to a jazz band and is usually one of the most recognized members of a jazz band due to its size. As a jazz instrument, a tenor trombone is generally preferred because it provides the most vivid sound and is the most convenient when playing the wide ranges often used in jazz music. If you're a big fan of jazz music and want to incorporate it into your next party or work function, start looking for jazz bands to hire in your area.

The clarinet may not be as dramatic or as big as the saxophone or trombone but it played an important role in the evolution of jazz music. The upright double bass is often chosen by more experienced jazz bassists and can be a goal for beginner bassists. Although you only need a few drums to play rhythms and dribbles in jazz music, drums are one of its most important instruments. Saxophones are one of the most well-known instruments associated with this genre and are often what comes to mind when thinking about a typical jazz band. The basic instruments of a combo or band are drums, piano or guitar and a main horn.

The guitar is also very popular in this genre; it's probably used more than any other instrument in any musical genre. Although I have only chosen some of the most popular instruments used in this genre, as John Coltrane said: “You can play a little if you're honest”. The trombone was first used during Dixieland Jazz as a supporting role within Dixie Groups. Beginner pianists can look to musicians like Thelonious Monk or Herbie Hancock to understand how to play this style on their instrument. Saxophones are one of the best-known instruments associated with this genre and are often what comes to mind when thinking about typical band instruments.